Welcome to the zoo…

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be-safe-at-the-zoo.jpgThere is a sign above my front door that reads “Welcome to the Zoo”…that is often an acurate description of our household.  Except for the constant mess, I love it that way!

Joshua had his 12th birthday a week ago.  After he opened his presents, he had a small rectangular box one of his gifts came in.  Like all good 12 year old boys, he knew just what to do with it…he handed it to Jessica (our 4 year old) and said, “Here’s a coffin for your Barbie”  (only 12 year old boys think of great uses for boxes like that).  Jessica was thrilled to have the box so she quickly said “Thank you.”  Then with out missing a beat, she opened the box and “coughed” in it.  I don’t think she quite understood the coffin remark, so she just made it fit what she thought it meant.  We all cried, we laughed so hard.  Jessica thought this was great, so she spent the rest of the night “coughing” in her box.

Speaking of Jessica, she has officially changed her last name.  She told me that she should now be called Jessica Teenager.  For several days now, if you address her as Jessica she corrects you and says, “You mean Jessica Teenager.”  I’m not quite ready for Jessica Teenager yet…or maybe ever.

We bought a Keurig machine and we LOVE it.  We bought the basic B40 model since I didn’t want to spend an extra $30 on a digital display.  It’s so easy to use and NO mess.  We do find ourselves making more coffee though.

Donald bought the kids ROCK BAND for PS2 last night.  We finally broke down and got it…our kids were so thrilled UNTIL they tried to play it.  Suddenly our PS2 isn’t reading discs anymore.  It was fine when the kids used it earlier that day, but now it’s broken.  Donald and the kids spent several hours trying to fix it, but it’s still broken.  My poor kids, they were so disappointed.

Donald takes his test for Master Sgt. today.  He’s been studying so hard.  Yesterday he had the day off work to study one last day.  After several hours, he decided he just needed to relax.  He and I went out for a nice quiet Chinese dinner.  After dinner, we both opened our fortune cookies.  Donald’s fortune read “You are next in line for promotion at your firm.”  We almost died…how funny is that!  We had a good laugh.

Emily turned 17!  I can’t believe my daughter is seventeen.  She had a friend over.  They went ice skating and to the Marine Corps Museum.  We had Chinese take-out for dinner.  She got texting back on her cell phone…she’s happy about that.  I think she had a fun day.

Never a dull moment at our house.  I’m so glad that along with all the daily drudge (housework, cooking, planning, etc) that my husband and my kids help me laugh at least once every day.  What a joy!


happy mother’s day

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gift.jpgWe don’t make a big deal about things like Mother’s Day at my house.  We might pick up fast food on the way home from church or order pizza so that I don’t have to cook lunch, but no big celebration.  Emily always makes me a homemade card and she sees to it that all of the kids make me a picture, card, or something. 

Last year when she was helping the little ones color a picture for me, she must have made a big deal about telling the kids to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” to me when they presented their artwork.  Ever since then, whenever the my 3 little ones make an art project or color a picture for me, they always say “Happy Mother’s Day!” when they hand it to me.  It’s kind of cute, especially in October.  I thought they would quit after awhile, but they are still doing it.

Somewhere along the line, “Happy Mother’s Day!” started to mean more to Jessica (age 4).  Not long ago she started to tell me “Happy Mother’s Day” at random times and not only when she was presenting me with something. 

This week must have been an especially good week in our house because Jessica has told me “Happy Mother’s Day!” at least once a day.  This morning, we were waiting for her speech therapy teacher, just standing in a hallway, when she looked up at me and said “Happy Mother’s Day!” 

Maybe it’s because she is happy.  Maybe it’s because I am in a good mood.  I’m not sure why she decides to say it, but I love it when she does. 

So to all you mom’s out there…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

just what i always wanted…

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                              present.jpgDaniel’s birthday is coming up the end of this month…he’ll be 6 years old.  My parents asked for suggestions of what he might want for his birthday.  I wasn’t sure, so I decided to be direct and ask him what he would like to get.  Below is our conversation…

Me:  Daniel, what would you like for your birthday?

Daniel:  A peanut butter & jelly cake, bread, and applesauce.

Me (trying not to laugh):  No, Daniel.  I mean what would you like for a birthday present.  Is there some toy you want?

Daniel (now seriously thinking):  Applesauce and a toy bomb.

So what more could you ask for???  I relayed this vital information to my parents and they enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as helpful as they expected.  Know anywhere to buy a good toy bomb?   I think I got the applesauce covered.  🙂

my favorite things

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soundofmusic.jpgHere are a few of my favorite things…

A cool breeze.  I love it when the breeze is just right.  You can sit in the sunshine and not get too hot.  You can open your car windows.  You can turn off the AC and open the windows in the house.  The BEST is to lay down for a nap and have the window open so that the breeze is blowing in while you sleep…nothing beats that!

Icing.  Okay…this is not so healthy, but I am a sucker for icing.  I like the corner piece of the cake and the icing filled donut. 

Movies.  I’m a movie gal.  I like old classics like Harvey and Arsenic & Old Lace.  I like musicals like Sound of Music and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  I like action films like Bourne Identity and The Last Samurai.  I like war movies like Band of Brothers and The Great Escape.  Sci-Fi like Star Trek and The Fifth Element.  Then there are the chick flicks like Pride & Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables.  I love a good movie.

Friends.  Whether it is having company over, getting together to play games, or just coffee with a friend…I love to hang out with people.  I like to sit around and tell stories.  I like getting to know people better. 

These are just a few of my favorite things.  I will add more another time.

random thoughts

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pict0003.jpgI don’t have any big thoughts to share so I will share some random thoughts instead.

Power Struggle.  Since Joshua has gone off to public school this year, this is the first time that the 3 little ones and I have been home by ourselves on a regular basis.  Jessica (the princess you see in the photo) has always been in charge and Daniel and Chloe pretty much just do as told.  Now Daniel, being the oldest child home during the day, is suddenly trying to take his place as “man of the house”.  If I go to the bathroom, he announces that he is  “in charge” until I return.  He also keeps reassuring me that when I am gone someday, he will take care of Jessica and Chloe so I don’t have to worry about it.  Jessica still hasn’t figured out what is going on and I think she is saving it all for a big showdown soon. 

SpotBot.  I am cleaning the nursery rug this week.  One of my friends from church let me borrow her Bissell SpotBot to clean all the stains on the carpet (thanks Jessica).  Now I am totally addicted to the SpotBot.  It is easy to use, works virtually by itself, and does a great job!  I can see myself spending many happy hours cleaning all the little spots left on my carpet by my kids, cats, and most of all, my husband.  It is definitely going on the top of my Christmas Wish List (Donald…hint, hint).

Allergic.  I have developed a couple of irritated spots on my skin.  The newest one is on my right eye lid so of course, this meant it is time to visit the doctor.  Apparently, this is some type of allergic reaction.  I have never been allergic to anything, so now I have to try and figure out which of the 7,000+ things I come in contact with daily is suddenly causing this reaction.  I haven’t changed any major prducts lately…cleaners, hair products, etc… so it could be anything.  I don’t know how I’ll ever figure it out.

Klutz.  I am a klutz…no doubt about it.  Today, I broke my beloved 9×13 Pampered Chef stoneware baker.  I used it to make baked ziti and asked my kids not to clean it because I always try to be careful with my stoneware…it’s not cheap.  So when I went back to clean it, I dropped it in the sink and it broke.  As my mother-in-law pointed out to me, this is not the first piece of cookware I have broken.  Just off the top of my head…two 9x 13 stoneware bakers, one stoneware round pizza pan, a Crockpot, a blender, a George Foreman, and a griddle (maybe two)…all dropped by me.  My mother-in-law said at least she knows what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas.  I think I am going to start letting my kids wash my stoneware in the future…probably safer.

Day 13.  I am just finishing 1 Samuel 22 of The Message.  It certainly is taking longer than I expected but I have loved reading through Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel.  All the great things happening make for an easy read.  I’ve read them all many times before but they never get old. 


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thorninmyheart.jpgI LOVE TO READ!  I would rather read than watch TV.  I would rather read than play a game (even though I love games).  And I would definitely rather read than do housework.

The problem is…when I read, I tend to read a LOT!  For example, I just finished reading Liz Curtis Higgs Thorn in My Heart.  I was reading it for the women’s summer book club at our church.  I read this book and the entire series (4 books total) in about 5 days.  I didn’t completely neglect my house and children.  The chapters are very short so I would read one chapter then do some housework and play with kids. Then I would read another chapter and so on and so on.  I also read while my kids napped and late into the night while everyone else slept.

 I have no willpower when it comes to a good book.  Because of this, I don’t let myself start books very often.  The summer book club is always a good excuse for me to allow myself to read. 

As much as I love reading this book, I loved studying the Biblical account more.  We did a Bible study on the story of Jacob before our book club read the book.  I was asked to lead the study and I am so glad I did.   I really got so much out of studying the Bible passages in-depth.  (see Bless Me? blog below ) I almost felt selfish leading it because I was sure I got so much more out of preparing the study than the participants did. 

lost in translation

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banggun.jpgEmily, my 16 year old, takes a LONG time in the shower.  She claims she is only in there 10 minutes or less but it’s always a long time.  Take this morning, for example.  She went upstairs to get in the shower.  I started oatmeal for myself and Chloe.  I cooked the oatmeal, let it cool, and ate it leisurely with my 2 year old.  I emptied the dishwasher and cleaned all the breaksfast dishes.  I sat down to talk with my husband when I realized…Emily was still in the shower.

 So I asked Chloe to go knock on the bathroom door.  Chloe loves to run errands like this so I try to find little things she can do.  She ran upstairs, barely knocked on the door, and said “Time to get out.”  Of course, there was no way Emily could hear this.  Plan B…I asked Chloe (2), Jessica (4), and Daniel (5) to go bang on the bathroom door so Emily would know it was time to get out…her shower was still going.  They ran upstairs with gusto and preceded to stand in front of the bathroom door and say, “bang, bang, bang, bang.”  I’m not quite sure what they were thinking but it surely wasn’t what I was thinking when I asked them to bang on the door.  It WAS good for a laugh though.

 The little ones continued to “bang” at the door for awhile.  Emily did eventually emerge from the bathroom.  I have a sweet memory.  Not a bad way to start the day.

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