It’s a bug…

May 28, 2008 at 9:20 am | Posted in Christianity | Leave a comment

Well…sickness has again come to the Buttram house.  We don’t seem to be sick very often…which is a blessing.  It also strikes me odd that we ALL don’t get sick.  You would think with a house of 8 people…when one gets sick, we all do.  BUT that just doesn’t happen…usually only a couple of us get the same thing…another blessing to be sure.

Jessica woke up in the middle of the night just to tell me that she is really sick.  I never doubt Jessica’s mid-night revelations…they are usually true.  She woke up once again this morning (she was sleeping late…not a good sign in my house), she sat up in bed and preceded to tell me again she was very sick, needed a stool beside her bed with a cup of tea, and the cup needed a lid and a straw.  She laid back down and fell asleep.  Such clarity of thought!  I am convinced Jessica could supervise almost anything under any stress…it’s a gift.  I wonder if they could use a 4-year old as a platoon leader in battle?

Jessica finally awoke at 8:30am to vomit.  No fever.  She handles it all in stride.  She went to sleep for another half hour before repeating the event.  Then she told me she needed me to fix her a bed on the couch so she could watch Playhouse Disney.  She has vomited on schedule every half hour.  I think she makes her body wait for  commercial breaks.  She hasn’t eaten anything yet and still has no fever.  She really is a easy sick person to take care of.

Joshua on the other hand gets the sick person award in our house.  He actually has medaled in quite a few categories:  Most likely to vomit when not sick.  Most likely to gag at any sight, smell, or thought.  Most likely to take all day to vomit (after all he doesn’t want to throw up.  This logic always seems to bother me…who WANTS to throw up?).  Most likely to not make it to the bathroom to vomit (After all he is trying really hard not to throw up because he doesn’t want to).  I would say he is most likely to be sick the longest, but I think I get that award.  We are blessed that Josh doesn’t really get sick often.

So I guess some sort of stomach virus has made it into our house.  Who will get it next?  You will have to check back later to find out.


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