Welcome to the zoo…

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be-safe-at-the-zoo.jpgThere is a sign above my front door that reads “Welcome to the Zoo”…that is often an acurate description of our household.  Except for the constant mess, I love it that way!

Joshua had his 12th birthday a week ago.  After he opened his presents, he had a small rectangular box one of his gifts came in.  Like all good 12 year old boys, he knew just what to do with it…he handed it to Jessica (our 4 year old) and said, “Here’s a coffin for your Barbie”  (only 12 year old boys think of great uses for boxes like that).  Jessica was thrilled to have the box so she quickly said “Thank you.”  Then with out missing a beat, she opened the box and “coughed” in it.  I don’t think she quite understood the coffin remark, so she just made it fit what she thought it meant.  We all cried, we laughed so hard.  Jessica thought this was great, so she spent the rest of the night “coughing” in her box.

Speaking of Jessica, she has officially changed her last name.  She told me that she should now be called Jessica Teenager.  For several days now, if you address her as Jessica she corrects you and says, “You mean Jessica Teenager.”  I’m not quite ready for Jessica Teenager yet…or maybe ever.

We bought a Keurig machine and we LOVE it.  We bought the basic B40 model since I didn’t want to spend an extra $30 on a digital display.  It’s so easy to use and NO mess.  We do find ourselves making more coffee though.

Donald bought the kids ROCK BAND for PS2 last night.  We finally broke down and got it…our kids were so thrilled UNTIL they tried to play it.  Suddenly our PS2 isn’t reading discs anymore.  It was fine when the kids used it earlier that day, but now it’s broken.  Donald and the kids spent several hours trying to fix it, but it’s still broken.  My poor kids, they were so disappointed.

Donald takes his test for Master Sgt. today.  He’s been studying so hard.  Yesterday he had the day off work to study one last day.  After several hours, he decided he just needed to relax.  He and I went out for a nice quiet Chinese dinner.  After dinner, we both opened our fortune cookies.  Donald’s fortune read “You are next in line for promotion at your firm.”  We almost died…how funny is that!  We had a good laugh.

Emily turned 17!  I can’t believe my daughter is seventeen.  She had a friend over.  They went ice skating and to the Marine Corps Museum.  We had Chinese take-out for dinner.  She got texting back on her cell phone…she’s happy about that.  I think she had a fun day.

Never a dull moment at our house.  I’m so glad that along with all the daily drudge (housework, cooking, planning, etc) that my husband and my kids help me laugh at least once every day.  What a joy!


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