Church through Daniel’s Eyes

January 15, 2008 at 11:29 am | Posted in Church, Family | Leave a comment

emptychair.jpgDaniel has been going to “big” church since last September.   It has been fun to watch him adjust to sitting through service.  

His initial impression was that it was boring, unless they showed a video.  Now I’ve been in boring churches and our church does not fit that description at all, but if you can’t read the words to sing the songs or follow the notes, then I could see how it might be boring to just try and sit still for that long.

Then when Daniel got use to the routine of being in church, he moved into his interactive stage.  If Pastor Steve asked a question, Daniel wanted to give his answer out loud, right then.  Daniel also thought it was okay to add comments (out loud, of course) as Pastor Steve would preach.  This was a fun stage for me…NOT!

Then two weeks ago, he made a break through and started “taking notes” on his pad of paper.  It was the story of creation and Daniel wrote on one piece of paper “God did it.”  He heard Pastor Steve say those words and he knew how to spell them, so he wrote them down.  Then he flipped to the next page and wrote “I am free to run.”  That was a line from the song we sang earlier.  I was so excited, because he WAS actually listening to what was going on.

 This past Sunday he didn’t take notes,but he got tickled at the title “The Blame Game”.  We’ve been working on long vowel sounds with a silent e and he was so excited he could read those words.  He thought it was the funniest title and he couldn’t stop giggling about it.

Church with Daniel is an adventure for sure, but it is fun to watch him learn about what is going on and start participating.  By the time he has this all down, Jessica will be joining “big” church and we will start all over again.


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