Church through Daniel’s Eyes

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emptychair.jpgDaniel has been going to “big” church since last September.   It has been fun to watch him adjust to sitting through service.  

His initial impression was that it was boring, unless they showed a video.  Now I’ve been in boring churches and our church does not fit that description at all, but if you can’t read the words to sing the songs or follow the notes, then I could see how it might be boring to just try and sit still for that long.

Then when Daniel got use to the routine of being in church, he moved into his interactive stage.  If Pastor Steve asked a question, Daniel wanted to give his answer out loud, right then.  Daniel also thought it was okay to add comments (out loud, of course) as Pastor Steve would preach.  This was a fun stage for me…NOT!

Then two weeks ago, he made a break through and started “taking notes” on his pad of paper.  It was the story of creation and Daniel wrote on one piece of paper “God did it.”  He heard Pastor Steve say those words and he knew how to spell them, so he wrote them down.  Then he flipped to the next page and wrote “I am free to run.”  That was a line from the song we sang earlier.  I was so excited, because he WAS actually listening to what was going on.

 This past Sunday he didn’t take notes,but he got tickled at the title “The Blame Game”.  We’ve been working on long vowel sounds with a silent e and he was so excited he could read those words.  He thought it was the funniest title and he couldn’t stop giggling about it.

Church with Daniel is an adventure for sure, but it is fun to watch him learn about what is going on and start participating.  By the time he has this all down, Jessica will be joining “big” church and we will start all over again.


Who Moved My Cheese?

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lab-mice.jpgWho Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson, M.D. is a small, but powerful little tale about two mice and two little men who find themselves searching for cheese in a maze.  When their cheese is moved, how do each of them deal with the change? 

Donald and I discover the book over a year ago and love it.  We bought it and so with all the coming change in my life (see last two posts) I decided it was a good time to pick it up and read it again.  It’s only 93 pages with large print, so it’s a easy nap time read.

The great thing about this book is that it applies to so many areas of my life.  All of us go through change…it is inevitable, but we don’t always deal with it well.  If we can put change into perspective and learn to handle it correctly, we would save ourselves a lot of stress and wasted time.


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blueprint.jpgIn my last post, I shared with you the coming changes to our household.  So change is coming, what’s next?  Planning.   Knowing how much there will be to decide…curriculum to buy, schedules to make out, lessons to create…planning early will be a key to having a good year.

I’ve been reading Isaiah in the Message.  (Yes, I am still reading the Message.  I have missed countless days in my pursuit, but I will not give up!)  In Isaiah 22, it is speaking of a coming attack on Jerusalem.  The city is seen making plans to fortify themselves the best they can.

You assessed your defenses that Day, inspected your arsenal of weapons in the Forest Armory. You found the weak places in the city walls that needed repair. You secured the water supply at the Lower Pool. You took an inventory of the houses in Jerusalem and tore down some to get bricks to fortify the city wall. You built a large cistern to ensure plenty of water. 

These all were good and logical plans.  They assessed what they had, strengthened weak areas, and secured necessities.  But God was not pleased.  Why?  The answer is found in the next verse…

You looked and looked and looked, but you never looked to him who gave you this city, never once consulted the One who has long had plans for this city.

Their fault…they didn’t turned to God for help.  They didn’t consult the One with the master plan.  They relied on what seemed best without seeking God first. 

Don’t you love God’s timing?  Yes, I have a lot of planning to do, but there is a lesson here is for me.   I need to go to God first and make sure I consult Him each step of the way.  I will not make the same mistake Judah made because I know the One with the master plan and I will look to Him first. 


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crossroads.jpg Just when you think you have everything figured out, that’s when it happens…things change. 

It seems now that we are going to bring our boys (Joshua and IV) back home to homeschool again next year.  I started homeschooling when Emily was in 2nd grade and she homeschooled until 9th grade.  She spent one year in a private Christian school and has been in public school ever since.  IV was homeschooled until 8th grade when he entered the public school system.  Joshua was homeschooled until this year when he entered 6th grade at Graham Park Middle.

This year has been starting all over again for me.  Emily, IV, and Joshua all in public school, I just had Daniel in kindergarten for homeschooling.  Jessica and Chloe are both doing some preschool curriculum. 

Last week Donald asked me what I thought about bringing both the boys back to homeschooling next year.  As soon as he said it out loud…we both kinda new this was what we were suppose to do.  They’ve done well in public school, but they get frustrated about the amount of “fluff” time in each school day.  They’ve had both good and bad teachers.  There are things they like about public school, but overall there’s more they miss about homeschooling than what they like at public school.

But when I think about what my responsibilities will be next year, it is a bit overwhelming…

Emily – a senior in public school…college applications, financial aid deadlines, senior pictures, prom, graduation. 

IV – homeschooling 10th grade…Algebra II (I didn’t do so well in Algebra II in high school, but that was because I didn’t do my homework and I was always turned around talking to the cute guy behind me.  Wonder who that could be?  :-)), English papers, Biology, etc..

Joshua – homeschooling 7th grade.

Daniel – homeschooling 1st grade.

Jessica – homeschooling kindergarten and continuing speech therapy.

Chloe – most likely will be tagging along learning everything Jessica does.

Then I just have my part-time job with the church and my Sunday school class to teach.  It can all be overwhelming to think about.  But I can already start counting my blessings…

Emily is very organized with her school work, and her senior year should be pretty easy academically.  IV will be thrilled to be back homeschooling and I think both he and Joshua will be ready now that they know the grass is not greener on the other side.  We will be in a better financial state by the fall so we can take advantage of more sports and programs for the kids.  Many hands make light work!  IV, Josh, and I will make a good team and help each other out.  I have a close friend who has kids similar ages and  homeschools them , so I won’t be alone and will have support.  I already have the homeschooling experience so it’s not like I am starting from scratch. 

It’s going to take a lot of organizing and planning, but change is good.

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