When it rains…

December 7, 2007 at 7:41 am | Posted in Appliances, God's Provision | Leave a comment

umbrella.jpg…IT POURS.  Sometimes that is so true!  We’ve had two major appliances die in less than a week’s time. 

First, was the dryer.  Our dryer was only 5 years old but with 8 of us, it has done more work than the average dryer.  Last year Donald and I replaced the belt on it but other than that, it’s been no trouble at all.  But last Thursday, it stopped spinning, drying, and made a horrible sound when you tried to run it.  As best as we could figure…the engine was shot so we set out to buy a new one.  Don’t you love it when you have to replace things right before Christmas?

I knew I was NOT getting the dryer that matched my front-loader washer.  It was going to cost at least $1100!  I decided to get an updated version of the dryer I already had.  Same manufacture (Whirlpool) and same drying capacity as the $1100 dryer…it just didn’t have the electronic keypad and a window in the door.  This one was less than $500. 

We bought the dryer, got it all set up and we were back in the laundry business at my house…just in time too.

The next Tuesday night, I pulled dinner out of the oven and it wasn’t as hot as it should be.  I just set it back in for longer and didn’t think much of it.  Then on Wednesday I went to start dinner (I was going to cook a ham….yum) but nothing happened.  The lights didn’t come on and neither heating element heated.  I tried several times.  The only thing that worked was the oven light. 

Of course, we rent a house so my first response was to be thankful we rent and have a good landlord.  The oven was probably original to the house (built in the 80’s).  We contacted our landlord and he told us we could go ahead and replace it (he lives in Hawaii so he’s not here to take care of those things).  Yesterday, Donald and I went out in search of an oven.  Sears Outlet just happened to be having a sale on all their built-in appliances.   We got a good deal on an oven and got it installed last night.  Now we are back in business.  I think my taste-buds are still waiting on that ham!

In the last year we have bought a new washer and a new dryer.  Our landlord has replaced the dishwasher and oven.  There’s only a refrigerator and a stove-top left.  Hopefully they won’t need replacing too soon.


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