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September 11, 2007 at 12:24 pm | Posted in Books, Christianity, Family, Friends, Fun, Health, parenting, Reading | 3 Comments

pict0003.jpgI don’t have any big thoughts to share so I will share some random thoughts instead.

Power Struggle.  Since Joshua has gone off to public school this year, this is the first time that the 3 little ones and I have been home by ourselves on a regular basis.  Jessica (the princess you see in the photo) has always been in charge and Daniel and Chloe pretty much just do as told.  Now Daniel, being the oldest child home during the day, is suddenly trying to take his place as “man of the house”.  If I go to the bathroom, he announces that he is  “in charge” until I return.  He also keeps reassuring me that when I am gone someday, he will take care of Jessica and Chloe so I don’t have to worry about it.  Jessica still hasn’t figured out what is going on and I think she is saving it all for a big showdown soon. 

SpotBot.  I am cleaning the nursery rug this week.  One of my friends from church let me borrow her Bissell SpotBot to clean all the stains on the carpet (thanks Jessica).  Now I am totally addicted to the SpotBot.  It is easy to use, works virtually by itself, and does a great job!  I can see myself spending many happy hours cleaning all the little spots left on my carpet by my kids, cats, and most of all, my husband.  It is definitely going on the top of my Christmas Wish List (Donald…hint, hint).

Allergic.  I have developed a couple of irritated spots on my skin.  The newest one is on my right eye lid so of course, this meant it is time to visit the doctor.  Apparently, this is some type of allergic reaction.  I have never been allergic to anything, so now I have to try and figure out which of the 7,000+ things I come in contact with daily is suddenly causing this reaction.  I haven’t changed any major prducts lately…cleaners, hair products, etc… so it could be anything.  I don’t know how I’ll ever figure it out.

Klutz.  I am a klutz…no doubt about it.  Today, I broke my beloved 9×13 Pampered Chef stoneware baker.  I used it to make baked ziti and asked my kids not to clean it because I always try to be careful with my stoneware…it’s not cheap.  So when I went back to clean it, I dropped it in the sink and it broke.  As my mother-in-law pointed out to me, this is not the first piece of cookware I have broken.  Just off the top of my head…two 9x 13 stoneware bakers, one stoneware round pizza pan, a Crockpot, a blender, a George Foreman, and a griddle (maybe two)…all dropped by me.  My mother-in-law said at least she knows what to buy me for birthdays and Christmas.  I think I am going to start letting my kids wash my stoneware in the future…probably safer.

Day 13.  I am just finishing 1 Samuel 22 of The Message.  It certainly is taking longer than I expected but I have loved reading through Judges, Ruth, and 1 Samuel.  All the great things happening make for an easy read.  I’ve read them all many times before but they never get old. 



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  1. You aren’t allergic to the rug cleaner in the spot bot are you?

  2. I love that picture of Jessica.

  3. No…it’s not the SpotBot. I was having issues behing my ear before I used it. I’m pretty sure it is some hair product. I thought I had it figured out but now it is acting up again so I’ll just keep trying. I may switch to baby shampoo and start from there.

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