day 6

September 4, 2007 at 11:47 am | Posted in Bible, Books, Christianity, Reading | 2 Comments



I am about halfway through Numbers.  I thought I would be further along at this point, but I’m not.

Things I have learned reading The Message:

  • The Message has attitude!  Because it is written in contemporary language, the wording comes across with a lot more emotion than other versions.  You are reading along and then come across Abraham saying to God, “Are you serious?”  or Abimelech saying to Abraham, “Whatever were you thinking of when you did this thing?”  I’ve laughed out loud on several occasions already.
  • I shouldn’t have picked a extended holiday weekend to start my reading.  With Donald and the kids all home, I didn’t get nearly as much reading time in as I would have liked. 
  • I can’t read The Message in the same room while my husband is watching football.  I know this sounds like a no-brain-er but when I am reading fiction, I have no trouble tuning out the TV while I am reading.  Can’t do that with The Message…much more brain power required for the truth!
  • I am glad I am not a priest in the time of Leviticus!  All that blood…how did they ever keep their beautiful robes clean?  Then if that isn’t enough, their other main duties involve checking people with sores and skin irritations to decide if they are infectious or not, and checking mold on cloth and in homes.  I’ll have to ask Pastor Steve what he thinks of that for a job description.
  • Leviticus and Numbers are tedious no matter what version or paraphrase you read.  I am coming close to the end of Numbers and I am looking forward to reading actual events again.  Of course, Donald reminded me that I still have Chronicles coming up soon.  At least Chronicles has stories mixed throughout all of it.

Despite the slow start and reading the measurements of temple curtains and tables multiple times, I’ve really been enjoying my reading.  I hope to have read a lot further next time I update you.



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  1. NO THANKS on that job description!

  2. I forgot that in Numbers it adding blowing the horn to signal the people to the job description. Still not very tempting though.

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