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August 28, 2007 at 10:27 am | Posted in Books, Family, Reading, School, Summer | 1 Comment

frustration.jpgOkay…you know I love reading.  I encourage my children to read.  Reading is important.  BUT I hate summer reading assignments!

For example, my 14 year old son has 2 summer reading assignments.  One was pretty simple.  He had to read A Day No Pigs Would Die and write 3 journal entries from the viewpoint of the main character.  No problem.  He did not like the story but he finished in less than a week.

His second reading assignment was a different story.  He had to read Great Expectations…a long and dull book.  Then he had to redivide the 59 chapters of the book into 36 episodes (that was the way it was orginally released) and he had to give his reasons for each division.  Who comes up with these assignments???

I know WHY they started summer reading.  I understand the concept.  But in reality, I think it does more to drive parents crazy than it does to teach students.  Parents have to constantly remind their kids to work on their projects…frustration!  Then to make it worse, sometimes the directions or the format is unclear and there is no teacher available for us to ask.  Not to mention trying to work in all this reading around summer vacations and camps.

PRESSURE.  Then there is the pressure for the sutdents to do really well on these assignments.  They are turned in the first day of school so the teacher will get her first impression of the students abilities based on these summer reading assignments.  I’ve got to be honest in that I probably feel that pressure more than my kids. 

After proofreading 6 papers, I think we are finally finished with our summer reading at my house.  I am so glad it is all behind us now.  We have one full week to enjoy our summer without projects hanging over our heads before we start school.  Before we know next summer will be here again…UGH!


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  1. School ends for the year on X date. School begins for the next year on Y date.

    In between is summer vacation. Period. Your kid does NOT have to do work during summer vacation and I don’t believe it can POSSIBLY count toward a grade during the next school year.

    Tell your kid’s teacher (nicely) that you don’t play those games. And let your kid have time off in the summer.

    Jay Jennings

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