the great icee incident

August 10, 2007 at 3:28 pm | Posted in Health, Mistakes, Strength | 2 Comments

lotsoficees.jpgEver have one of those days when nothing goes right and the slightest thing brings your world crumbling down?  I had one of those days this week.

First, I was sick all last week with an intestinal bug.  Although I was better this past weekend, I was still very weak from not eating much for 4 days.  Then on Monday morning, my husband and 2 oldest children went off to youth camp for the week.

This hasn’t been the easiest week for me…left with an 11 year old, 5 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old to entertain was harder than usual because I wasn’t back to my normal self again.

Then just to make things worse, I came down with a mysterious fever Wednesday afternoon.  No other symptoms, just a fever.  When I awoke Thursday, my temp was normal but I had that “after fever” weakness.  I was starting to get depressed.  I just wanted to feel well again.

So that brings us to the Coke Icee…the perfect drink for the sick person.  My sister was the first to introduce me to the magical powers of the Coke Icee when we were in college.  I can remember her being sick with the flu in the dorm room and insisting all she needed was a Coke Icee.  Friends went out late in search of the Coke Icee to make everything better.

Since then, I have always thought of the Coke Icee when I don’t feel well.  It’s not too sweet, like the other flavors of Icee, and the ice just hits the spot.  (I must say that Sonic Drive-In’s Limeade does wonders for an upset stomach but unfortunately, we don’t have Sonic’s in the DC area). 

There was nothing else to do…I packed up the kids and thought about where I could get a Coke Icee.  First, we tried Target since they have Icee machines.  That way, the kids would be entertained walking through the toy isles and we could all have an Icee…perfect.  Except, none of their 4 flavors were Coke.  That wouldn’t do.

Then I remembered there is a 7-11 around the corner…they always have Icees so I knew this was a safe bet.  The kids and I left Target (after looking at all the toys and pausing to consider buying an Icee machine for my home) and headed to 7-11.  All 5 of us went in and straight to the Icee machine.  There were 8 flavors!  All of them were working….except the Coke!  There was actually a repair man there working only on the Coke Icee dispenser.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was starting to lose hope.

There was one more chance…another 7-11 on the way back home.  Yes…I live where there is a 7-11 on every street corner…they love them here.  This time I thought I was being smart…I sent Josh in to see if they had Coke Icee while I waited with the kids in the car.  YES!  They had Coke Icee…FINALLY!  Out we all go again.  This time I let the kids stop at the candy isle to pick out a special treat for snack time.  I was feeling a little bad about dragging them all over just for my Icee.  After everyone had the candy of their choice, it was time to make the Icee.

You’re not going to believe this…there were 6 flavors and the ONLY one not “iceefied” was the Coke!  It was pure liquid.  In my desperation, I picked a different flavor…vanilla.  We made our purchase and piled back into the van.  The vanilla was terrible.  I couldn’t even drink it. 

That was when it happened…I totally fell apart and cried.  All my frustration over not feeling good just poured out as tears.  All I wanted was a Coke Icee and there wasn’t one to be found anywhere.  Then I was mad at myself for crying…how could I be so silly?  Ever have those moments?  I do.  Mad at myself for being so weak and getting upset over such a silly thing.

I ended up sick again that night but I’m much improved today.  Still haven’t had a Coke Icee but I think I will survive.



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  1. I’m sorry you were so sick. I wish you had called me. I would have gladly scoured all the 7-11s for a Coke Icee. I have 2 months off in the summer and plenty of time to use up.

    Must say – you did look better at church yesterday. More bright eyed. 🙂

  2. Thanks Valerie! It’s good to know I have people like you I can call when I am down.

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