first day.

June 15, 2007 at 10:03 am | Posted in Family, parenting | Leave a comment

drip.jpgIt’s the first day of summer at our house.  Emily and IV finished their school year yesterday.  This is always an exciting day for me because not only do I get to have all my kids home (I do miss them) but I also have a huge “to do” list that I hope to get done with extra hands around.

It started off great…IV got up with the little ones so that I got to sleep in.  I can’t remember the last time I slept till 8:20am!  It was nice.  Unfortunately, when I did wake, I could hardly get out of bed.  My hip stiffens now and then…probably from the strain of carrying 6 babies.  This morning it was the worst.  I do remember it hurting when I laid down last night.  The left hip just didn’t want to loosen up today.  It would loosen up after awhile but if I sat down to eat breakfast or something…it would be tight and in pain again when I stood up.    Guess it’s time to see the doctor about that one.

Friday…cleaning day at my house.  I cleaned the bathrooms and got all my ironing caught up.  Emily and IV were helping watch the kids and doing little stuff around the house to help out.  They are definitely spoiling me today…good attitudes and all! 

Then I asked IV to start brewing tea.  We brew tea in our coffee pot.  IV did all of it correctly except he missed one important step….he didn’t replace the caraffee back on the coffee maker.  So I hear this noise…a dripping noise but couldn’t place it.  When I found it, there was steaming hot water all across the kitchen counter and cascading down to the floor.  I am SO glad the little ones didn’t step in it before I found it…it was very hot!  IV apologized.  Of course, he didn’t mean to do it…these things happen.  After we got it all cleaned up and started a new pot, IV said, “Note to self…remember to put the pot back on the coffee machine next time.”  A good thing to remember.

We’re not even halfway through our first day yet!  What will the rest of this day hold?  Everyday is an adventure.


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